Something is Always Blooming Somewhere in the World

Photo of blooming purple crocusesAnthony Iannarino wrote in his blog: “What you believe is the foundation for how you behave.” I believe that’s true. When it comes to sales success or any other business endeavor how we act starts with what we believe. If we believe the competition is stronger and better, then that will impact how we sell. If we believe their is no way we will make quota this month, then that will impact how we sell too. If we believe the negativity that others try to drown us in, we have handed over our lives to them.

Your beliefs can paralyze you

Since reading Anthony’s blog post about beliefs, I’ve been thinking a lot about how our beliefs impact our results, not just in  B2B sales, but in all of life. For example: if you’re discouraged (and often it’s difficult to even know why) it keeps you from being 100% effective. You just know that you feel like #^%!@;& and it doesn’t feel good. Sometimes it might be that you have been trying really hard to accomplish something, only to be disappointed at the results. Other times it might be that you felt  you deserved more but you got less. Whatever the reason, discouragement can be paralyzing! It is paralyzing because somehow you  believe it is never going to change.

Something is always blooming somewhere in the world

I went through this a while back – I was down and there seemed no bottom to the well of discouragement I had fallen into, but then something wonderful happened. I was standing inside a greenhouse one frosty winter morning surrounded by flowering plants when it dawned on me that though New England is blanketed with snow right now, something is always blooming somewhere in the world. You just have to look in the right place.

It’s hard to see what you’re not looking for

What’s this got to do with discouragement Don? The point is that when you are discouraged, you need to look for signs of  hope and believe that things will change. Why? Because it’s hard to see what you’re not looking for. Kind of reminds me of an old cartoon that hung in a friend’s cubicle. It showed a dog following another dog and all he can see is the front dog’s butt. The caption says: “Unless you’re the lead dog, the view never changes.” If you believe that to be true, you will never look for a different viewpoint. The fact is that the second dog has the option of looking over or around the lead dog to the horizon before them both if only he will look for glimpses of that horizon and believe he is capable of doing so.

Stop moping and get on with it: Believe in your future

When my mother was a child in Japan, she remembers gigantic bull elephants at the park; no fence, no chains and yet they stayed put. Her mother told her that what happens is when the elephant is a baby, they shackle it’s foot and chain it to a post. The baby elephant tugs and tugs and tries to get loose. Before long it realizes it cannot go beyond the length of chain attached to it’s leg, so it stops trying. Once full grown, the elephant could easily yank the post from the ground and go wherever it pleases. Instead, it get’s to the end of the chain, feels the pressure on it’s leg and stops. After a while, the trainer removes the post and chain entirely. The shackle on the leg of the elephant (attached to nothing) is all that remains and all that’s needed to keeps the elephant from wandering off.

Don’t let your sales success suffer because of your ingrained beliefs

What you believe is the foundation for how you behave. Believe this: Something is always blooming somewhere in the world. You have to be looking for it or you may not see it. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by someone else’s constraints and don’t let your sales success suffer because of your ingrained beliefs.

Photo credit: Christina Little from Tumblr.

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  1. #1 by Gary S. Hart on April 16, 2011 - 3:26 pm

    Don, the power of positive thinking is immeasurable. Sometmes life feels like winter in the middle of the summer. Thanks for a reminder that the whenever we see the sun setting, it’s rising somehere else.

    • #2 by Don F Perkins on April 18, 2011 - 12:57 pm


      With all the encouragement you proffer on a daily basis, It seems like you have been reminded enough! Thanks for your comments.

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