How to have confidence in sales: You have to own it.

By Don F Perkins

Confidence in Sales

How to Have Confidence in Sales – Own it


The Sticky Part of Confidence

When I worked in the call center, I kept a sticky note on my computer monitor. It said “I Am Dana.” That sticky note was a critical part of how to have confidence in sales. Here’s why:

Finding new business is not easy. There’s a lot of rejection; some people really hate getting interrupted and are downright nasty toward you! It can have a terrible impact on your confidence in sales if you let it.


Here’s what I did to help me keep confidence in my voice and purpose in my speech: I wrote this statement on a sticky note and placed it on my monitor, right next to the phone: It simply said “I am Dana” (Dana is the President and CEO of Chameleon Group).

 The Presence of The Owner

Dana Lariviere, CEO and President Chameleon Group

Dana has a presence about him that makes people stop and listen. Something about his attitude makes his words carry great import in business conversations. He has a confidence and a purposefulness to his speech that is inspiring. When you hear him talk business, there’s no doubt, he owns this.

The sticky note reminded me that every time I conversed with a client, I represented Dana. I imagined that I had been given the authority to speak with the same bearing and substance that he does. I have something important to discuss with my clients and I am engaging them in a valuable conversation that could have a tremendous positive impact on their business. Wondering how to have confidence in sales? You have to own it. Imagining that I was Dana, I own this, and it changed my demeanor every time I met with a prospect.

What’s That Smell? It’s Not Confidence

Be careful. Sometimes insecurity can manifest itself as arrogance. When this happens, customers can smell your lack of confidence, and it makes them lose confidence in you. You have to own it with grace and refinement. Try it and you’ll see. People take notice when you own what you do and truly have confidence in sales.

 Owning It and What That Does To You

Confidence In Sales

Confidence In Sales

Check it out. Next time you feel a lack of confidence, use your imagination and pretend you are the president of your company, or the governor of cash flow island, or whatever person you admire for their confidence and poise, whether they have confidence in sales or in any other endeavor, you can adopt the same. You can’t sell from your heels. Own it and lean into it as though this is your business on the line.

What other things have you done to increase your confidence in sales?


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