Video Blog: Get Out Of Your Own Way With A Great Coach

By Don F Perkins

Get Out Of Your Own Way With A Great Coach

I recently received an email from Chris Brogan talking about having coffee and discussing coaching with Anthony Iannarino. I know both Chris and Anthony, but was not aware that they had ever met.  What a great opportunity to learn from the best.

When learning the martial arts discipline: Aikado, Anthony spent six months figuring out that part of the key to success was learning to get out of his own way. He might not have ever learned it without a great coach revealing things about his character that were keeping him from being successful. Watch this 16 minute video interview with Anthony to learn more about:

  • what is the essence of good coaching
  • what to look for in a coach
  • how to get the most of out of a coaching relationship
  • what are some popular coaching styles and why are they important

Here’s some highlights from our interview:

Coaching can help you get better results faster. For sales managers and leaders, the highest value-creating activity you can take is working on the asset that produces results for your business. For sales managers, that asset is your salespeople. The only way to make your number is through your people. They need coaching more than they need managing. Coaches see us in ways we cannot. The make us question our beliefs and see how they impact our actions.

When choosing a sales coach, or any other coach, relationship matters. It can’t just be about the money. Choose a coach you feel confident in; who has your best interests in mind and knows what style to use. A great coach looks at where you are and helps you find a path forward. They have experience in the industry you need to learn, and they are excellent judges of character. They recognize the difference between busyness and business. They are focused on the outcomes. Coaches need to learn several styles (directive or nondirective as an example) so they can meet people where they are and truly help them improve. Coach your coach. Tell them how you learn; what’s the best approach. What’s your learning style.

Choosing a great sales coach is a great start, but to be coached effectively, you need to be coachable. You’ve got to be invested 100% and willing to learn; to stretch yourself.

Watch the video:


Here’s Anthony’s blog post about coaching, which followed his conversation with Chris:

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Here’s Chris Brogan’s comments on the same:

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